Panzur, a terrific Spanish joint, isn’t the best-known restaurant in town, but it ought to be.
David Landsel, NY Post
Both the restaurant’s menu and design encourage sharing, fostering Panzur’s goal of feeling more home than out.
Lindsay Pietroluongo, Poughkeepsie Journal
I am all consumed by food, wine, spirits, coffee, tea, beer — if you can eat it or drink it I am obsessed with it – all of it from growing it, to conceptualizing, to its execution.
Chef Rei Peraza
This is a destination restaurant.
Hiroko Shimbo, Hiroko’s Kitchen
Highly original with charcuterie to die for
Lynn Hazlewood, Hudson Valley Magazine
It’s rare, maybe only once or twice a year, that we both come away from a restaurant fully satisfied by the quality of the meal. In the case of Pan-Zur it is fair to say we were both exhilarated. The menu was original, the execution of the dishes virtually flawless, and the staff … were personable, attentive, and well educated about what was on offer.
Peter Davies, Rural Intelligence
I tend to create a dish in my head and mentally make it over and over trying to look at it and taste it from different angles. By the time I actually make it I am always closer to the finished dish. The most important thing is flavor, then smell and finally the presentation.
Chef Rei Peraza
offbeat, excellent eatery.
B.A. Nilsson, Metroland
“Grazing” — in which customers keep the menu and order several dishes throughout the night — is common.
Rosemary O’Connor, Hudson Valley Magazine
While much of the menu is Spanish-influenced, the offerings are much more varied … in toto, a very original presentation of dishes not usually seen on menus, Spanish or otherwise.
Peter Davies, Rural Intelligence
well worth a drive up to the northern end of dutchess county.
Bob Gaj, Chowhound
How do you describe your food to people? The real answer…I cook what ever comes out, whatever I am feeling at the moment. If I try to put myself in a box, I tend to get a bit stagnant. The other answer: progressive Spanish with French, Asian, and Latin American influences.
Chef Rei Peraza
Photography by Patricia Wind