Family means everything to me.

My grandfather passed when I was only 2 years old but I have been told my whole life that we are kindred spirits. Like me, he loved to celebrate life with food, wine and a great cigar. He used to peel grapes for my mother just because he knew she loved them. To this day, she is brought to tears when she tells us that story. That to me is the essence of why I do what I do.

His name was Jose Luis Manzur. He had a bit of a belly or panza in Spanish. His friends combined the two and affectionately nicknamed him ‘Panzur.’ I wish I would have had the chance to cook for him, even better cook with him; this is as close as I am going to get for now.

Seasonality is fundamental to a great food experience. One of the main reasons we chose to open our restaurant in the Hudson Valley is because the seasons here are very well defined, creating short bursts of intensely flavored products.

Another reason we chose this area is that luckily many of the local farmers feel as passionate about the quality of their products as I do. I will always choose the best quality ingredients, locally sourced whenever possible.

Our menu is composed of the things that I like to eat, of the things that I feed my family and friends.

Rei Peraza

Photography by Patricia Wind